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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Mother Nature creates a surreal tropical daybreak sky, as the clouds of a passing rain shower are illuminated and colored by the morning sunrise, and cast their light onto the Caribbean Sea and beach, on a quiet and serene Sunday Morning in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

     The December 2014 monthly photograph and article examines the draw of the Colors of Caribbean. Why are people drawn to the islands or tropics?  For many people, a colorful photograph of the Caribbean or Bahamas islands is a remembrance of their favorite beach or island, or a past vacation or holiday. The photo can also serve as an inspiration and expectations of a upcoming trip. In addition, many of my customers  decorate their island vacation homes, residences or businesses with photographs of the area.

     The light available when photographing generally translates to two different types of colors. The pastel colors found at dawn or dusk, or the more vibrant color of the turquoise waters when the sun is higher during the day.  

     The photograph "Sunday Morning" displays the soft pastels of the cloud filled daybreak sky and turquoise waters that are found with the filtered early morning light. There is a quiet serenity and spiritual quality to the photograph, as we see the hand of God at work in this display of natures colors. With an ISO of 100 to minimize noise, and an F stop of 22 to have focus in the full depth of field, the 0.8 sec exposure softens the edges of the turquoise seas and the waves washing onto the beach.


Trunk Bay Seascape, St. John USVI

Trunk Bay Vista, St. John, US Virgin Islands National Park

Trunk Bay Vista, St. John, US Virgin Islands National Park

Scenic vista overlook of the turquoise waters of Trunk Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands National Park, with a view down islands of Tortola and the British Virgin Islands

     In the "Trunk Bay Seascape" photograph the neon blue of the turquoise color Caribbean Sea is on display in the bright sunlight. Some photographers feel that the stronger direct light in the middle of the day is too harsh or creates too much contrast to be useful. This can be true in some locations, but the strong light is necessary to elevate the vibrant colors or translucence in the azure or turquoise color of the waters.

     Once again I used an F22 aperture to maintain focus throughout the depth of field , a 100 ISO and a 1/10 second expose. A circular polarizer filter enhanced the colors and a 0.6 stop graduated neutral density filter helped to control the light reflecting off the white clouds in the sky. 

     Which of these photos is best? That depends on the opinion of the viewer. Both of these fine art photograph images bring the viewer to the time and place.  "Trunk Bay Seascape" is a better seller, primary because its a location (United States Virgin Islands National Park , St. John) is visited and recognized by may travelers and tourists. However, "Sunday Morning" also sells well. The location does not matter as much. The objective is for the viewer to have a strong connection with nature and can feel of the emotional involvement of the image. 

     Enjoy the Colors of the Caribbean, as you remember or look forward to your next island vacation, or enjoy the setting of your vacation home.



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