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Artist Statement

Sunset Sky Seascape, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands


          Roupen Baker is a photographer artist from Yarmouthport, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He  specializes in Fine Art Landscapes, Seascape, Nature and Travel photography. Featured in his photographs are our National Parks, Seashores, Forests and Wilderness Areas.  A large percentage of his photographs are of his Cape Cod and New England home. Also included in his portfolio are photos from his frequent travels to the Caribbean islands and Mexico. An avid runner, backpacker, SCUBA diver and sailor, his photographs display his passion for life in the great outdoors.    

Artist Statement:

          In my life I have been a frequent traveler, adventurer and explorer. I started photography as a hobby, to document the places where I have been, for my own personal enjoyment. As with most things that I undertake in life, I try to do the best that I can, or be the best that I can be. I viewed learning photography as an adventure. I am self taught.  Through extensive reading, trail and error, and determined practice, I've been able to develop and grow as a photographer and artist. In 2010 I began showing and selling my art.  

          It is the artist that takes a photograph an turns it into Fine Art.  A photograph does not capture as wide a range of light, color, or contrast as the human eye. In classic photography master artists such as Ansel Adams would take the photograph negative then crop the image and manipulate the highlights, shadows and luminosity in the darkroom. The modern Fine Art landscape photographer converts the digital camera RAW image using computer programs. 

          My goal is to create the best Fine Art Photographs that I can. I am constantly striving for technical excellence, and to bring my personal vision and artistic interpretation of the scene to the printed image. I want the audience to see the light, colors and beauty of the scene, and to feel the emotion elements present.

          I'm an opportunist photographer. I hike, backpack or travel to locations that are naturally beautiful, usually with a vision of what I'm hoping to photograph.  At these locations I photograph what's attractive to me. I look for unique images, where the light is dramatic, special or unusual, where the colors are deep , complementary or complex, or where the high contrast between light and dark may make for an attractive black and white print. I move slowly and look for details in the wilderness and urban landscape. I look for abstracts in nature. I photograph people that are interesting and where the image tells a story. If I find an object or scene of interest where the light or conditions are not right I will return to that site when conditions will be improved, with the vision of an picture I hope to capture.     

          Currently I'm photographing with a Canon 5d MKII full frame digital camera. The light weight and quality of the details captured make for a perfect match for my style of photography. I might be on the beach with the camera on a heavy tripod capturing a long, early morning multiple minute exposures, or shooting hand held in a more urban setting.  I started learning digital photography with a Canon T2i which I still keep as a backup camera.  I am also looking at expanding to a Medium Format digital camera for the grand landscapes.

          Ongoing and future projects include adding photographs to the Southwest, Caribbean and Mexico galleries, the assembly of a New England Landscape and a Seascape portfolio, and assembling photographs for a solo show.

          If you have any questions about me or my photographs you can contact me at:

          (508) 364-0120           

          Follow my website at 

Roupen Baker

Photographer Roupen Baker
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